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Read Between The Lines

Dusty Baker, after the game today:

It's not fair to Carlos to go to Dempster right away, and it's not fair to Dempster to go to him right away because he's never closed and been in that situation. You'd prefer to break him in with a three-run save, not a one-run save with Bobby Abreu coming up there. We're going to make it work. I'm just glad the monkey's off our back.

Jim Hendry, on Dempster:
I think Dempster can do anything.

This clearly says to me that this move was dictated to Baker by Hendry. Good for him.

Also, from
Right-hander Jon Leicester is getting recalled from Triple-A Iowa to start in Dempster's place Monday.

Wonder who's getting sent down? In any case, with three days off in the next two weeks, Leicester will probably head back to Iowa after the game. There won't be a fifth starter needed until about May 24.