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The campaign for Neifi! to be elected to the All-Star team has caught the attention of my fellow SportsBLOGGER Brandi Griffin, who operates the Rockies site Purple Row.

Cub fans have fond memories of Neifi! as a Rockie, as it was his ninth-inning walk-off homer on September 27, 1998 that gave us the wild-card playoff game that the Cubs eventually won the next day.

Brandi's problem isn't with Neifi! per se; she just has someone else she'd rather see elected:

Have we, the online community gone so far adrift that we fail to recognize right from wrong, good from evil, decent shortstops from Neifi? Open your eyes my friends, this is after all still Neifi Perez who we are talking about. Yes the Cubs bloggers talk a good game about him, and yes he is having a pretty decent year thus far, and as the Rockies blogger I feel pride in knowing that Clint Barmes deserves this honor far more than Mr. Perez.

To me the choice is clear, we can elect a flip-flopping shortstop who up to three months ago produced some of the worst stats in the league, or we can elect one of the brightest talents of our generation. We must defeat Neifi Perez and send him back to Wrigley Field where he belongs. I am here today to appeal to the shortstop wing of the All-Star party, vote for Clint Barmes, he's got your back.

The Cubs bloggers have a head start in the grassroots, they have their army of fanatics that's out of touch from the mainstream, but we have the truth on our side and if we're united we can defeat this army of delusionals.

Join me today in a coalition to defeat Neifi and bring Barmes the honor he richly deserves.

"Out of touch from the mainstream"? OK, them's fightin' words!

Fire up those browsers, fellow Cub fans. Hie yourselves over and vote for Neifi!

Remember, you can vote 25 times per valid e-mail address. For an unlimited free supply of valid, disposable e-mail addresses go here.

Don't let Neifi! down. Vote early and often!

UPDATE [2005-5-9 12:40:10 by Al]: Well! I never. Now we're "wackos" and part of a "conspiracy".

In the name of Neifi!, get out there and VOTE!

They do need some artwork help, don't they?