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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Mets, Monday 5/9

There's a severe thunderstorm watch until 8 pm CDT, and there are a few scattered storms in the area right now.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Player Photo
J. Leicester
vs. Player Photo
A. Heilman
0-2 W-L 3-2
7.50 ERA 4.19
4 SO 28
8 BB 11
3 HR 0

Leicester's numbers are a bit misleading -- that's only six innings pitched. But eight walks in six innings is rather alarming. In his career he's gone back and forth between starting and relieving; he had 12 decent starts at Iowa last year. In his return to Des Moines this season, he made only two appearances, starting once.

Here's something else that annoyed me today -- Peter Gammons' latest column.

Why? Because it featured some comments on Nomar and the steroid accusations, and basically debunked them:

His famous Sports Illustrated cover was quickly thrown up as 'roid proof when he got hurt in spring training 2001. Now, any Gold's Gym bodybuilder and trainer will take that picture and point to the fact that he's developed in but two places and actually has love handles, a surefire sign that he is not a juicer. "That," says Mark Verstegen of Athletes Performance Institute and Garciaparra's trainer going back to Georgia Tech, "was the worst shape he was ever in."
But -- what do you see on the page? A photo of Nomar's injury this year and the caption:
Speculation over steroid use continues to surround Nomar Garciaparra.
Well, no it doesn't, Leave the guy alone. There are plenty of steroid culprits in baseball today, but Nomar Garciaparra ain't one of 'em.

Discuss amongst yourselves.