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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Red Sox, Sunday 6/12

The last time Tim Wakefield faced the Cubs, he was a 26-year-old kid who had an ERA (5.61) higher than it is now, and walked 75 and struck out 59 in 126 innings. That was in 1993, with the Pirates. Among Wakefield's teammates that year were John Candelaria, pitching in his final season, and Lonnie Smith.

That was then, this is now. Wakefield still walks a lot of people. He throws a knuckleball, which either works or it doesn't. A lot of what happens to Wakefield tonight will depend on whether the Red Sox activate his regular catcher, Doug Mirabelli, who's been on the DL.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Glendon Rusch
G. Rusch
vs. Tim Wakefield
T. Wakefield
Red Sox
5-1 W-L 4-6
2.07 ERA 5.13
42 SO 45
27 BB 36
1 HR 8

Discuss amongst yourselves.