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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Marlins, Monday 6/13

While the rest of the baseball world is still making its way between leagues, the Cubs and Marlins will be the designated NL series of the week.

John Koronka picks up today's mismatch, although it may not be as much of a mismatch as you think. Willis is the winningest pitcher in the NL at this time, but he's 0-1 with a 4.40 ERA in three lifetime regular-season starts against the Cubs, and the Cubs did absolutely pound him in the 2003 NLCS.

Impressive Willis stat of the year: only two homers allowed in 84.2 innings. They were hit by Felipe Lopez of the Reds and Jose Vidro of the Nationals, and the last one (Lopez') was hit on April 23 -- that's nine starts ago.

Today's Starting Pitchers
John Koronka
J. Koronka
vs. Dontrelle Willis
D. Willis
1-1 W-L 10-2
5.73 ERA 2.13
9 SO 66
2 BB 19
2 HR 2

Discuss amongst yourselves.