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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Marlins, Wednesday 6/15

I don't think I have to tell you how important this game is... it means a winning homestand and second consecutive series win, before a very important 10-game trip.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Greg Maddux
G. Maddux
vs. A. J. Burnett
A. Burnett
5-3 W-L 4-2
4.11 ERA 3.09
50 SO 80
13 BB 27
11 HR 5

It's still five or six starts away, but let's begin the Maddux 3000 Watch -- he's at 2966, 34 strikeouts away.

Burnett's 80 strikeouts, while a good number, are good for only seventh in the league -- right behind Carlos Zambrano's 83. Wonder how Mr. Strikeout himself, Corey Patterson, will fare against him?

Discuss amongst yourselves.