Ryan Dempster as a closer.

In case you were wondering, since being turned into a closer, Ryan Dempster has excelled at that role.

First off, the psychologicals. He embraced the role from day one. He said that he was probably going to have a shaky start, and he did. But after that, it's nothing but stellar relief pitching.

He started a game in May, so that game is substracted. Ever since he became our official closer, he has the following statistics:

Includes tonight's 1.2 IP, 0 H, 2 SO -- Twelve pitch performance.

15 IP; 6 H; 3.60 ERA; 6 ER; 1 HR; 3 BB; 12 SO; 1 Win; 7.2 K/9; 1.8 BB/9; 3.6 H/9;

1-0 when blowing a save.

Plus, he has nine saves in a row.


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