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Off-Day Reading

Not books this time, just a couple of interesting web links, and then some food for thought.

Most of you know my friend Dave is the managing general partner of the Rockford Riverhawks of the Frontier League.

The Riverhawks are opening a spiffy new ballpark next month. Here's an interesting article about the park, talking about plans for many other events than baseball there, along with a photo of Dave. Thanks to Mark for the link! And if you're in or near Rockford, go check out the park and the team.

Since we have been much on the topic of Corey Patterson lately, this should also be of interest. Here's an interview with Corey's brother Eric, who is currently tearing up the Midwest League and has been named to the All-Star team.

Also, this amazing stat from my CBA friends at 1060West: The Cubs are 13-7 in games started by Henry Blanco.

Finally, here's today's topic of discussion. I have been down on this idea, for several reasons, but I put to you the question:

Should the Cubs try to reacquire Moises Alou?

It's not gameday, but discuss amongst yourselves anyway.