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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Brewers, Tuesday 6/28

Lucky us.

Tonight's game will feature a rematch of last Wednesday's pitching matchup in Milwaukee.

Well, except one of the pitchers' ERA's is much higher, and the other one's isn't.

But, today is a new day. That's something I love about baseball -- no matter how badly you do one day, you have a chance to make up for it the next.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Carlos Zambrano
C. Zambrano
vs. Doug Davis
D. Davis
4-4 W-L 9-6
4.44 ERA 4.27
88 SO 81
41 BB 42
10 HR 13

A few other things: Chuck over at Ivy Chat makes the suggestion that a certain Mr. Garciaparra be tried in left field in 2006.

I say, if no trade for a left fielder is made, why not try that this year?

And, there are rumors flying about a deal about to be made for Mark Kotsay, possibly involving Corey Patterson, possibly not, or possibly a three-team deal involving the Yankees and Gary Sheffield.

Stay tuned, and discuss amongst yourselves.

UPDATE [2005-6-28 14:26:46 by Al]: If you have not yet seen the July issue of the Cubs' in-house magazine "Vine Line", check out the cover article on Jeromy Burnitz. I'm quoted at length in the article.

Another UPDATE [2005-6-28 14:46:13 by Al]:: Please welcome two new members of the SportsBLOGS family, for the Phillies: The Good Phight, and for the Tigers, Bless You Boys.