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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Brewers, Wednesday 6/29

The Cub starting rotation is intact for the first time all year as of today.

Well, that is if you expected Jerome Williams to be part of it before the season started.

The Cub staff is working on a 25-inning scoreless streak, which has lowered the team ERA for June to 5.20 (23rd in the majors). Losing games 8-1 (twice), 9-1, 15-5 and 12-2 will do that to you. Nevertheless, the Cubs can have another winning month by doing no worse than a split of the next two games (they're 13-12 in June so far).

Cub hitters have hammered Ben Sheets for sixteen hits, three walks and 10 earned runs this year, and for that have only beaten him once.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Kerry Wood
K. Wood
vs. Ben Sheets
B. Sheets
1-1 W-L 3-6
6.15 ERA 3.68
33 SO 58
14 BB 16
5 HR 12

Time for Kerry Wood to step up. NOW.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

UPDATE [2005-6-29 10:41:54 by Al]: It's official. Joe Borowski has been DFA'd. This may be the prelude to a deal. JoeBo, I believe, does still have value to someone. Maybe he and Corey can be packaged.