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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Brewers, Thursday 6/30

Today's opposing pitcher is left-handed.

This is a perfect opportunity for Dusty Baker to stack the lineup with right-handers (Cedeno, Hairston, Dubois) and give some of the slumping regulars (Neifi!, Corey) the day off.

We shall see if this happens.

Capuano is 3-2 lifetime vs. the Cubs with a 6.53 ERA in 30.1 IP, but the vast majority of that is against players who are no longer with the ballclub. Only two current Cubs -- Michael Barrett and Jeromy Burnitz -- have hits off him, and only one each. It's going to be windy and hot today -- good home-run hitting weather.

Let's get some runners on base first, shall we?

Today's Starting Pitchers
Greg Maddux
G. Maddux
vs. Chris Capuano
C. Capuano
7-4 W-L 7-6
4.56 ERA 3.22
61 SO 79
18 BB 40
15 HR 12

UPDATE [2005-6-30 10:32:38 by Al]: About the Preston Wilson rumors -- I wouldn't worry if I were you. This article by Bruce Miles from the Daily Herald makes it clear that the Rockies are pretty desperate to dump Wilson's salary, but that their demands are pretty far over the top and that Jim Hendry is too shrewd to go for anything of the sort.

Discuss amongst yourselves.