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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Blue Jays, Monday 6/6

And here we thought we wouldn't be hearing the Canadian national anthem at Wrigley Field any more.

The newly-patient Cub batting order ought to be able to wait Chacin out for walks; plus, he's allowed more than a hit per inning. He's not particularly susceptible to the home run (only four in 67 IP), so the best advice would be to try to drive the ball into the gaps.

Chacin is the third major leaguer whose first given name is "Gustavo". The others are Gus Polidor and Gustavo Garcia. You're saying, who's that second guy? He was better known by his middle name, Karim.

Today's Starting Pitchers
John Koronka
J. Koronka
vs. Gustavo Chacin
G. Chacin
Blue Jays
1-0 W-L 5-4
5.40 ERA 3.36
4 SO 37
1 BB 25
1 HR 4

Yahoo still doesn't have a photo of Koronka; the link will take you to Yahoo's site, but the photo is from Sportsline. I'm in a silly mood today. Did you notice that if you change the "K"'s in "Koronka" to "T"'s, and the "A" to an "O", you get "Toronto"?

Yeah, I know. You didn't. But I bet you will now.

And what's with those glasses on Chacin?

Discuss amongst yourselves.