2005 Draft Updates

I'm starting this thread for draft updates. The Cubs first pick is #20 in the first round. At this point, the only updates are that the draft started late due to tardiness by the New York Yankees, and the first 2 picks have come in. Justin Upton, SS went to the Diamondbacks with the first pick. I'll keep you posted when the Cubs make theirs.

Feel free to discuss the draft below. If you want previews of the draft, go to The Cub Reporter. They have a great review of past Cub drafts as well as a solid preview of players the Cubs might draft in the first round today.

Update [2005-6-7 13:25:20 by shawndgoldman]: With the Cubs first pick, they selected LHP Mark Pawelek out of Springfield HS in Utah. He's the first second high school pitcher selected, and most think the best high school arm in the draft. The only downside is that he's a Boras client, and the only Boras player to be signed out of high school was a 12th rounder. There are a few articles on him, from the Cubs website and from (courtesy The Cub Reporter). Also check out the link posted by Zambranofan below (thanks).

Update [2005-6-7 14:28:11 by shawndgoldman]: The Cubs second pick, 68th overall, was another LHP, Donald Veal from Pima CC. Looks like the "best available talent" is southpaws... The only info i have on him at this point is that it seems he was drafted by the White Sox in the 12th round of the 2003 draft.

Update [2005-6-7 15:7:53 by shawndgoldman]: The Cubs have 2 picks in the 3rd round, 100th and 108th overall. The 108th pick comes from Boston signing Matt Clement away from our rotation. The first of those picks is a 21-year old RHP, Mark Holliman, from the University of Mississippi. With the pick the Cubs got from Matt Clement's signing with the Red Sox, they get another pitcher, righty Michael Billek from the University of Central Florida.

Update [2005-6-7 15:51:0 by shawndgoldman]: For more info on the Pawelek signing, go here (scroll down).

Update [2005-6-8 0:23:49 by shawndgoldman]: OK here are the Cubs picks so far, as of midnight EST:

Rd(overall) Position Player School
1(20) LHP Mark Pawelek Springville HS, UT
2(68) LHP Donal Veal Pima CC
3(100) RHP Mark Holliman Ole' Miss
3(108)* RHP Michael Billek UCF
4(130) SS Dylan Johnston Hamilton HS, AZ
5(160) RHP Scott Taylor Hermitage HS, VA
6(190) SS Kyle Reynolds Baylor U
7(220) LHP David Taylor Baylor U
8(250) C Dionisio Muyco NC St.
9(280) RHP Matthew Avery U Virginia
10(310) SS Joseph Simokaitis Nebraska-Lincoln
11(340) RHP Michael Phelps Cent. Missouri St.
12(370) C Yusuf Carter El Paso CC
13(400) RHP Brett Jackson Modesto JC
14(430) OF Tyler Graham Oregon St.
15(460) RHP Roger Evenson NW Nazarene College
16(490) RHP John Mueller Minnesota
17(520) 3B Brandon Taylor BYU
18(550) RF Victor Liriano El Paso CC
* - indicates a pick the Cubs received in compensation for the loss of Matt Clement to the Boston Red Sox via free agency.

That's it for day 1. I'll try to post some more info tomorrow. If you want scouting reports, go to and open up their draftcaster - it has breif scouting reports on many of the Cubs picks.

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