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All-Star Game Open Thread

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Here's what I want to see from Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez tonight:


Object lesson: in 1977, Cub center fielder Jerry Morales (those were the tail end of the days where many Latino players had to have their names "Anglicized" -- today we'd likely know him by his true name, "Julio Morales") was having the season of his life, hitting .331/.391/.502 at the break, and was named to his first (and only) All-Star team.

In the bottom of the sixth inning he replaced NL starting CF George Foster, and in the top of the eighth he came up for his only All-Star plate appearance.

Sparky Lyle hit him in the kneecap with a pitch. He stayed in the game and scored, but the injury affected him greatly the rest of the 1977 season -- he hit only .193 from August 1 till season's end, and that, along with failures from other hitters, helped derail what had up to that point been a hopeful Cub season (at the 1977 break, the Cubs were 2.5 games in first place, and had the second-best record in the majors).

Morales was never quite the same player, and bounced from the Cardinals to the Tigers to the Mets before finishing his career as a competent backup back with the Cubs.

Hey, try to enjoy the game anyway. Remember, this time it counts, and since Albert Pujols is the NL's starting DH, and there aren't any other true 1B on the NL roster, Lee may wind up playing most or all of the game.

All-Star Starting Pitchers
Mark Buehrle
M. Buehrle
vs. Chris Carpenter
C. Carpenter
10-3 W-L 13-4
2.58 ERA 2.51
85 SO 128
21 BB 33
8 HR 9

All-Star Starting Lineups
Damon, cf Abreu, rf
Rodriguez, 3b Beltran, lf
Ortiz, dh Pujols, dh
M. Ramirez, lf Lee, 1b
Tejada, ss Edmonds, cf
Guerrero, rf A. Ramirez, 3b
Teixeira, 1b Piazza, c
Varitek, c Kent, 2b
Roberts, 2b Eckstein, ss