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The slumber-inducing 2005 All-Star Game, won by the American League 7-5 -- in fact, it did induce me to shut the TV off and go to sleep with the score 7-2 after 7 -- provokes just a few thoughts, which, since I have this site, I figured I'd share with you this morning:

  • It was the absolute height of rudeness for the hugely-pregnant Jeanne Zelasko and the usually-suave Kevin Kennedy to cut Detroit broadcasting legend Ernie Harwell (now 87 years old and still looking great, incidentally) off, literally in mid-sentence, when he was speaking about Tigers Hall-of-Famer Al Kaline. Kaline had been featured in the taped piece about Harwell which had preceded his live appearance.

    Working in the TV biz as I do, I can tell you that frequently shows like this are WAY over-produced; I suspect that there were too many taped inserts which the producers decided were more "important" than Harwell.

    This is blithering idiocy. I hope that if Fox-TV invites Harwell on any future broadcasts, that he politely declines. Any such politeness would be way beyond what Fox showed him last night.

  • The sparklers and fog that were used during the starting lineup introductions were stupid. This isn't the Miscellaneous Tire Company Bowl, it's the Baseball All-Star Game, the oldest event of its kind. Treat it with just a little respect, willya?
  • I was heartened to hear the LOUD boos for the introduction of Rangers pitcher Kenny Rogers. What I was disheartened to hear was the apologistic way that Joe Buck and Tim McCarver spoke of Rogers after he was put in the game in the seventh inning (and was promptly taken downtown by Andruw Jones). According to Buck and McCarver, because Rogers "called his own press conference" and mumbled a half-hearted apology, we should all just "get over it".

    Um, nope. At no time did Rogers offer any explanation as to WHY he did what he did. Granted, there is still a criminal investigation going on and his lawyers might have advised him to keep quiet -- and frankly, I hope Rogers IS put on trial for assault. Being in a baseball uniform and on a baseball field does not excuse such behavior. Until then, maybe Rogers should have listened to the general public and stayed home. His excuse for going: "the players voted me in."

    Nope again. Doesn't wash with me.

  • Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez comported themselves fairly well, going a combined 2-for-5 with a walk -- although Lee looked pretty sick striking out in the first inning against the White Sox' Mark Buehrle. Best of all, neither player was hurt -- in fact, no one got hurt last night.
  • Can we all agree that Scooter the baseball ought to be the next target for Harry Caray's restaurant to blow up? I can't think of a single kid who would like that sort of thing. Don't talk down to kids -- when I was the target age group for learning about the game (the alleged reason for using this ridiculous device), I learned from watching and listening to ballgames targeted generally at adults.

    OK, sure, I learned about Hamm's Beer too. But that's another story.

  • The AL win means that the Cubs will have to do what the Red Sox did last year -- win two games on the road, then win the World Series in the NL park, this time their own.

Hey, I can dream, can't I?