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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Pirates, Thursday 7/14

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By all means, keep up the wonderful discussion that we are having in the "Why Are We Here" thread -- I am working on a way, as suggested by one of you, to get this thread permanently posted on the front page -- but now, there are games to be played, and won.

If this game thread surprises you, today's game is a makeup from a rainout on April 22.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Mark Prior
M. Prior
vs. Mark Redman
M. Redman
5-3 W-L 4-8
3.41 ERA 3.76
77 SO 62
22 BB 35
11 HR 8

I hate to say stuff like this because it always seems to backfire, but this is a new beginning: Prior has never lost to the Pirates (5-0, 2.80 in nine career starts). Redman is 2-1 lifetime with a 1.53 ERA vs. the Cubs, but has lost his last four starts this year with a 7.50 ERA in those starts, allowing 27 hits and 11 walks in 24 IP.

Three wins in a row. Time to make this streak a very long one.

Discuss amongst yourselves.