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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Nationals, Saturday 7/2

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Class is in session!

Here we have an opposing pitcher, Tony Armas Jr., who has walked more hitters than he has struck out and in fact, has walked nearly five batters per nine innings, and has given up ten home runs in 51 innings this season.

He's also 1-5 lifetime vs. the Cubs with a 4.75 ERA.

So how would a good baseball team attack such a pitcher? Oh, yes, I see many hands!

Right! By waiting him out until he hangs a breaking pitch, and thus getting baserunners (by walks) so that you can get many three-run homers and win the game.

This one ought to be a no-brainer.

Apropos of nothing, but I was reminded of this by Armas' name -- I was at the old Comiskey Park on April 28, 1984 when Armas' father, the slugger Tony Armas Sr., hit a 480-foot homer into the center field bleachers off Tom Seaver, only a few rows away from where Mike and I were sitting. That feat was accomplished only seven times in that park's 90-year history, by Jimmie Foxx on May 18, 1934; Hank Greenberg on May 27, 1938; Alex Johnson on September 9, 1970, Dick Allen on August 23, 1972, Richie Zisk on May 22, 1977, Armas on April 28, 1984 and George Bell on August 23, 1985.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Jerome Williams
J. Williams
vs. Tony Armas
T. Armas
1-2 W-L 3-4
4.91 ERA 5.44
19 SO 26
9 BB 28
4 HR 10

Since there have been rumors about the Cubs being interested in acquiring Oakland's Mark Kotsay, I put that question to my SportsBLOGS colleague Tyler Bleszinski of Athletics Nation:

I think if the Cubs offered, say Ricky Nolasco and Renyel Pinto or swapping one of them out for say, Felix Pie, the A's would trade probably consider dealing Kotsay. But that's just a hunch.
I wouldn't include Pie in this, or any other deal. So I suspect Kotsay won't become a Cub.

Discuss amongst yourselves.