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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Cardinals, Friday 7/22

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One year and two days ago, the Cubs blew a 7-1 lead and lost 11-8 to the Cardinals at Wrigley Field, a crushing blow from which it can be argued, they never recovered last year.

The two clubs have played exactly twice since then, splitting a pair of games in St. Louis in April.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Carlos Zambrano
C. Zambrano
vs. Chris Carpenter
C. Carpenter
7-4 W-L 14-4
3.60 ERA 2.34
112 SO 137
57 BB 33
11 HR 9

Here's a stat about Carpenter that I had to confirm to believe, but yes, it's true: in his last six starts, all wins, he has thrown 50.2 innings and allowed twenty hits and seven walks. That's just sick.

Apart from the obvious -- that it's MUST WIN DAY -- I'm going to make it Ex-Cub Day here!

  • The Pirates sent Bobby Hill to Triple-A.
  • Kyle Farnsworth was suspended for six games for his part in last Sunday's Tigers brawl with the Royals.
  • Trenidad Hubbard, who will soon turn sixty (or something like that), signed a Triple-A contract with the Devil Rays.
And, check out this photo, sent to me by devoted BCB reader Ross, who attended last night's Orioles/Mariners game in Seattle:

Yes, that's right -- Sammy Sosa batting second, as DH. Note that he was 0-for-4 at this 9th inning at-bat; he managed to have the at-bat be productive, hitting a sac fly -- though as you see, that was preceded by three swinging strikeouts.

The Cubs got rid of him at exactly the right time. I still would not be surprised to see the Orioles DFA him.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

UPDATE [2005-7-22 17:59:15 by Al]:
Lineups for tonight:

Today's Starting Lineups
Cubs Cardinals
Hairston, cf Eckstein, ss
Walker, 2b Rodriguez, lf
Lee, 1b Pujols, 1b
Burnitz, rf Edmonds, cf
Ramirez, 3b Walker, rf
Hollandsworth, lf Grudzielanek, 2b
Perez, ss Nunez, 3b
Barrett, c Mahoney, c
Zambrano, p Carpenter, p

Yes, that's ex-Cub Mike Mahoney catching. And Scott Rolen has been placed on the DL.