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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Cardinals, Saturday 7/22

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In a locked, windowless room somewhere in the bowels of Manhattan, sits a cackling old man with a flowing white beard and a badly-fitting toupee, in front of a map of the USA.

He cackles because he knows he has tremendous power. He has been granted the right to decide which of today's baseball games will be viewed in which parts of the country.

His arcane methods are known only to him. And thus, whether you are in an area (other than Chicago or St. Louis) where you can see today's game on television, is a decision that might as well be made by throwing darts at a photo of Corey Patterson.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Jerome Williams
J. Williams
vs. Matt Morris
M. Morris
2-3 W-L 11-2
4.89 ERA 3.61
28 SO 76
13 BB 17
7 HR 7

Seriously, the four Fox games are: Dodgers/Mets, Mariners/Indians, Cubs/Cardinals and Padres/Phillies, so the Cub/Cardinal game will likely be seen in most of the Midwest and South.

I hear cackling again, so I'm probably wrong...

UPDATE [2005-7-23 13:37:50 by Al]:
Today's lineups:

Today's Starting Lineups
Cubs Cardinals
Hairston, cf Eckstein, ss
Walker, 2b Nunez, 3b
Lee, 1b Rodriguez, lf
Burnitz, rf Edmonds, cf
Ramirez, 3b Mabry, 1b
Hollandsworth, lf Grudzielanek, 2b
Perez, ss Taguchi, rf
Barrett, c Mahoney, c
Williams, p Morris, p

Well, that's interesting. No Pujols. Wonder what's up.

Discuss amongst yourselves.