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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Diamondbacks, Friday 7/29

In the wake of the new Alfonso Soriano trade rumors, let us not forget there is a game to be played today.

There is an excellent article in this week's USA Today Sports Weekly (no online link available; you'll just have to go out and buy it!) about what players and their families go through when the player is traded. Well worth the $1.75.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Mark Prior
M. Prior
vs. Javier Vazquez
J. Vazquez
7-3 W-L 9-9
3.23 ERA 4.37
97 SO 127
30 BB 24
14 HR 20

The last time the Cubs saw Mr. Vazquez was Opening Day in Phoenix, where they scored seven runs off him in 1.2 IP.

If you take that appearance off his season ERA, it drops from 4.37 to 3.96. If you take that away from his ten lifetime appearances against the Cubs, his ERA vs. the Cubs drops from 5.08 to 4.09.

See the 20 HR allowed? None of them were hit by the Cubs on Opening Day.

So, let's get the Cubs' power bats out today.

Discuss amongst yourselves.