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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Braves, Tuesday 7/5

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Two words:

Must. Win.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Greg Maddux
G. Maddux
vs. Roman Colon
R. Colon
7-5 W-L 0-4
4.87 ERA 6.30
63 SO 21
19 BB 8
16 HR 8

Check out those numbers. The Cubs ought to bash this guy all over Fulton County. Eight homers in thirty innings?

This is Maddux' first start against the Braves in the year and a half he's been back. I figure he owes them one for the 11-3, 2.29 mark he put up against the Cubs in his 11 years in Atlanta.

For what it's worth (and it's not worth much, as there is no one left on the Braves from the 1992 season, the last one in which Maddux faced him as a Cub, except John Smoltz, and he won't play today), Maddux has an 8-3 record with a 4.03 ERA lifetime against the Braves.

UPDATE [2005-7-5 16:38:00 by Al]: As pointed out correctly in the comments, this is Maddux' first start in Atlanta since he left the Braves. He started the last game of 2004 against them at Wrigley Field.

Discuss amongst yourselves.