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... looking down at the floor and shaking my head dolefully.

You're probably doing the same thing, if you've heard about Derrek Lee leaving tonight's game with a shoulder injury, called "left shoulder irritation" according to the above link. It's the reason Lee opted out of the Home Run Derby at the All-Star Game.

Man, what else can happen? No, better not answer that question.

I'm writing this now because an enormous thunderstorm has deposited itself over Atlanta and with the Cubs losing 5-1 in the bottom of the 7th, I have a feeling this game's going to be called after the requisite 75-minute delay... and by the time that's over, I'll be headed to sleepyland so I can get up for my actual job at 3:30 am.

If I'm wrong, and the Cubs minus Derrek can somehow come back and win this mess of a game (they couldn't even score with the bases loaded and one out in the inning just finished, and sending up Jose Macias to pinch hit in that situation is baseball suicide), then I'll write a new post in the morning. (I was going to say I'd eat the paper this is written on, but then it's not, and keyboards don't taste very good even if you drown them in teriyaki sauce.)

The worst part is that, as I said, Lee had declined the Home Run Derby invitation even before tonight, meaning that this shoulder has been bothering him for an indeterminate length of time. Depending on exactly how long that is, his MVP half-season shows as even more miraculous.

About tonight's game, I guess I did really do it again by saying the Cubs ought to beat the living daylights out of Ramon Colon. Yes, they should have, but instead they wasted seven hits, including a Todd Hollandsworth homer that briefly tied the game at 1, and let the Braves nibble Greg Maddux to death like the AFLAC duck.

So I'm sitting here typing, while Comcast Sports Net is running "This Week In Baseball", and I could be watching any one of a number of other games on Extra Innings (like this one, where the Devil Rays are actually beating the White Sox), but I'm too lazy to change the channel even though the remote is sitting about twelve inches from my fingers.

Say, have you looked over at the left sidebar at the AVP ad? The derriere shown belongs, apparently, to a young woman named Angie Akers. And seriously -- help us out at BCB and SportsBLOGS Nation by clicking on the ads once in a while. It'll exercise your mouse-clicking finger -- and who doesn't need such a thing? -- and will make you feel fulfilled.

OK, so maybe it won't. But help us out anyway, won't you?

I just stopped for a moment and reached for the remote, and the Devil Rays are now leading the White Sox 4-2.

Are you as bored as I am? Thought so.

There's not much more to be said about tonight's game, except that if Lee is seriously hurt, I think the Cubs can forget about the rest of this season. Yes, that comes from Al the Eternal Optimist. Surviving the loss of two starting pitchers who haven't stayed healthy for two years is one thing. Surviving the loss of the leading hitter in the league in nearly every category, when the replacement is either Jerry Hairston, Jose Macias or Jason Dubois is another.

Oh, and here's even better news (yes, that's said with sarcasm dripping like [insert your own metaphor here]) -- with Tropical Storm Cindy about to make landfall and soak the southeastern US over the next couple of days, including a forecast for more heavy rain in the Atlanta area, tomorrow's game might be postponed, forcing a doubleheader Thursday since this is the Cubs' only visit to Georgia this year.

Hawk Harrelson just said "He gone" on the White Sox telecast.

This had better be as bad as it gets. I can't imagine worse.