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Just turned on CSN to find out the game's been postponed.

Day-night doubleheader tomorrow, game 1 at noon CT, game 2 at the regularly scheduled time, 6:35 CT.

Mark Prior will start game #1.

This postponement is well-timed; the Cubs (and Derrek Lee in particular, who might be able to play tomorrow) could use a day off.

I'll update this later this evening with more information.

UPDATE [2005-7-6 20:39:14 by Al]:

Tonight's postponement was good for many, many reasons.

First, it allowed me to catch up on all the magazines that have been piling up, as well as the new SABR publication, "The National Pastime" -- I haven't finished it yet, but it has, among other things, a detailed and fascinating article on each of the forfeited games since 1920. The last game to be forfeited wasn't the famous Disco Demolition Game at old Comiskey Park in Chicago on July 12, 1979 -- it was this game at Dodger Stadium on August 10, 1995 which was forfeited to the Cardinals after Dodger fans, enraged at some calls that hadn't gone the home team's way, flung thousands of souvenir baseballs that had been handed out before the game, onto the field.

Man, I love Retrosheet. I actually sent them about 90 of my scorecards from the mid-1970s that they had been missing, and Mike did the same, when they were looking for games they didn't have in their database. If you're not familiar with Retrosheet's ambitious goal, it is to eventually have a complete play-by-play record of every major league game ever played. If you are a scorekeeper and you or maybe your dad or grandfather saved old scoresheets, you should check out their website and see what they're looking for now. They'll appreciate the help.

Today's postponement also prevented Dusty Baker from using this horrendous lineup:

Perez, SS
Macias, 2B
Walker, 1B
Ramirez, 3B
Hollandsworth, LF
Burnitz, RF
Barrett, C
Patterson, CF
Prior, P
It's so bad that the #9 hitter (Prior) is probably the sixth-best hitter in the lineup.

Today's postponement is also a good thing in that it gives Derrek Lee's shoulder a day of rest. Today, it seems as if the injury's not that serious -- this article says it won't keep him out of the All-Star Game.

Those of you who read both this site and Ivy Chat know that there is some (hopefully) good-natured banter back and forth between Chuck and myself over whether we should keep the faith, and hope the team turns it around, or just give up on this season.

Here's the bottom line. What's the point of being a fan of a sports team unless you think they can win? Unless you hope they will win every single time they take the field? Of course, that's not possible -- but my philosophy has always been, why be negative?

Sure, there have been years when the Cubs sucked and we knew they sucked from day one. Seasons like that in my lifetime include 1980, 1981, 1994 (can you imagine Dusty Baker holding court in front of the firehouse like Tom Trebelhorn did?), and 1997. Those were awful years and were pretty much over by the end of April. But that didn't stop me from enjoying the game of baseball.

Is this Cub team flawed? Sure it is. Does it need significant change to be a winner, either this year or next? Sure it does. But to sit here behind my keyboard, or in front of the TV, or at the ballpark, being negative all the time, is not only self-defeating, but I'd think it'd be really depressing too. I happen to love baseball, and even when the Cubs are losing, I love watching the game, I love talking the game, and to me, that's what baseball is all about. I've made lifetime friends through baseball, and have been so gratified that through starting BCB to find that so many of you (yes, that includes you, Chuck,) post so many interesting, insightful and articulate comments here. That's what BCB is supposed to be about.

Guess I have too much time on my hands tonight with the rainout. Tomorrow, the Prior/Smoltz matchup from tonight is being split; Prior will face Horacio Ramirez (yay! a lefty! Maybe Jason Dubois will be released from his chains!) in game one, and Smoltz will pitch game two against Jerome Williams.

Go get some sleep. Stop worrying for tonight, at least. There are still eighty games left, and I'm not going to slam Jim Hendry for not making moves when there's still time to make moves.

Till tomorrow.