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Here's How Bad It Got

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Forget about how bad the Cubs were -- they were putrid in a 6-0 shutout loss to the Braves, the first shutout of Horacio Ramirez' career.

It got so bad that after the Braves' five-run rally in the bottom of the 5th that chased Mark Prior and put the game away, that I thought it might be more fun and enjoyable to clean out a couple of closets and straighten up a desk or two.

Household chores = better than watching the Cubs.

That's sad, but true.

The Cubs haven't even had a LEAD since the ninth inning on June 29th, when Todd Hollandsworth's single scored Jeromy Burnitz and won the game 3-2.

That's frighteningly bad. Even the Royals and Rockies have played better than this over the last seven games.

I still won't give up on this season, because stranger things have happened. But the Cubs MUST turn it around in the next four games, and then spend the break deciding whether they want to be buyers or sellers during the remaining days of July.

Off to do some more housework. Happy happy joy joy. Don't you feel about this happy too?