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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Braves, Thursday 7/7 (Doubleheader)

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The weather forecast for the Atlanta area is still iffy, but the local radar there doesn't show any rain right now.

Ramirez has walked more than he has struck out and has allowed sixteen homers in 93 innings. That's awful, but guys like this have been eating the Cubs for breakfast, lunch and dinner all season.

It's time for that to change. This thread will be open all day, for discussion of both games. Reminder (and it's listed on the left sidebar, as it is every day), game 1 is at noon CT on CSN, game 2 at 6:35 pm CT on WGN.

Game 1 Starting Pitchers
Mark Prior
M. Prior
vs. Horacio Ramirez
H. Ramirez
5-2 W-L 7-5
2.86 ERA 5.09
72 SO 29
18 BB 34
10 HR 16
Game 2 Starting Pitchers
Jerome Williams
J. Williams
vs. John Smoltz
J. Smoltz
1-3 W-L 9-5
4.96 ERA 2.68
22 SO 96
10 BB 33
5 HR 7

Discuss amongst yourselves.