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A Quick Note...

... and thanks to our friends at The Cub Reporter for pointing out that neither Adam Greenberg nor Matt Murton was on the 40-man roster prior to their callup.

The current 40-man roster on the Cubs website has 42 names on it. Thus, before tonight's game, two players will have to go.

Any thoughts? Russ Rohlicek is an obvious choice. But there don't seem to be any other candidates that jump out from that list, unless you're thinking Richard Lewis.

This leads me to believe a trade may be imminent. Stay tuned.

UPDATE [2005-7-8 16:05:04 by Al]: Usually, I'd have posted the game thread by now (4:05 pm CT) for a night game. Tonight, I'm trying to wait till I see lineups posted, so I can post that too. I'll check in an hour or so.