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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Phillies, Tuesday, 8/2

I can see that all of us could use a ballgame to take our minds off ticket brokers, and steroid suspensions -- and there's been another one today -- Ryan Franklin of the Mariners.

Didn't appear to help him much -- 6-11 with a 4.61 ERA this year, and 33-46 with a 4.19 ERA lifetime.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Carlos Zambrano
C. Zambrano
vs. Vicente Padilla
V. Padilla
7-4 W-L 5-9
3.43 ERA 5.45
128 SO 54
61 BB 45
12 HR 16

Oh, no. Not again -- a pitcher with a terrible BB/K ratio, a ton of homers allowed, and a high ERA. These guys scare me to death. So I'm not saying a word, just presenting the stats.

UPDATE [2005-8-2 17:22:53 by Al]:

Today's Starting Lineups
Cubs Phillies
Lawton, lf Rollins, ss
Hairston, cf Lofton, cf
Lee, 1b Utley, 2b
Burnitz, rf Abreu, rf
Ramirez, 3b Burrell, lf
Walker, 2b Howard, 1b
Perez, ss Bell, 3b
Barrett, c Lieberthal, c
Zambrano, p Padilla, p

Discuss amongst yourselves.