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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Mets, Sunday 8/7

Bringing new meaning tonight to the phrase, "We're Bad, We're Nationwide".

Today's Starting Pitchers
Carlos Zambrano
C. Zambrano
vs. Victor Zambrano
V. Zambrano
8-4 W-L 5-9
3.24 ERA 4.19
132 SO 76
62 BB 57
12 HR 10

This is the first-ever Zambrano vs. Zambrano matchup. The two Z's aren't related, though they are both from Venezuela. And neither is related to Eddie Zambrano, who is also from Venezuela and who had a decent year (.802 OPS) as a part-time player for a really bad Cubs team in 1994, then vanished into the baseball ether.

Amazingly enough, the Cubs' Z has thrown only one career inning against the Mets. That was in 2002.

The Mets' Z has pitched twice in his career against the Cubs, winning 5-2 with Tampa Bay in 2003, and getting a no-decision earlier this year in the game that Ryan Dempster blew in the 9th, but the Cubs won in the 10th on a Derrek Lee walk-off homer.

That seems like it was about five years ago, doesn't it?

I am also posting a poll today that I'd really like all of you to answer -- I've been curious about the geographical distribution of BCB readers, so this poll asks (in very general terms) where you are located. Thanks for participating!

UPDATE [2005-8-7 17:59:30 by Al]:

Today's Starting Lineups
Cubs Mets
Lawton, lf Reyes, ss
Perez, 2b Cairo, 2b
Lee, 1b Beltran, cf
Ramirez, 3b Floyd, lf
Garciaparra, ss Wright, 3b
Hollandsworth, rf Cameron, rf
Barrett, c Piazza, c
Macias, cf Anderson, 1b
Zambrano, p Zambrano, p

Man, those compromising pictures must be real doozies.

Discuss amongst yourselves.