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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Reds, Monday 8/8

I hardly know what to write today, so let's start here -- tonight is the 17th anniversary of the first night game at Wrigley Field, or at least the attempt at said game; as you no doubt know, it was rained out, and the first official night game was played the next night, the Cubs beating the Mets 6-4.

I don't think I've seen it rain as hard in Chicago in the 17 years since that night.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Jerome Williams
J. Williams
vs. Brandon Claussen
B. Claussen
3-4 W-L 2-2
4.60 ERA 4.85
37 SO 70
21 BB 29
8 HR 20

Doing this has been bad karma for the Cubs in recent weeks, but at this point -- let's throw caution to the winds.

The Cubs beat the living daylights out of Claussen in Cincinnati on July 18, hitting five home runs and winning 9-4.

Time to start doing that again.

There are rumors that Corey Patterson has been called up today, but I cannot confirm these. We shall see tonight.

Discuss amongst yourselves.