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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Giants, Sunday 9/11

Mike Kiley again writes stuff that borders on incomprehensible:

Anybody who doesn't think Corey Patterson has played himself out of the starting job in center field for the 2006 Cubs is kidding themselves.
So are we kidding ourselves to think he HAS played himself out of CF? Or not? I'm confused. Tortured writing, if you ask me.

Then, Kiley goes on to write:

[Dusty] Baker met with Patterson before Saturday's game and explained why he had elevated him again to the leadoff position, a failed experiment in June and July that led to Patterson's demotion to the minors. Baker felt Patterson would see better pitches leading off than hitting eighth.

"I tried to say that we're not quitting on you, and I wanted him to make a difference in the game, bunt and do all the things he is capable of doing," Baker said. "Try to get him in the action."

So Patterson went out and bunted into a ground out to third base in his first at-bat.

"It wasn't a very good bunt because they were playing him so short," Baker said.

Once again, Patterson failed to read the situation. Baker was asked if he would keep him in the leadoff spot.

"It didn't work today, so I don't know, man," Baker said.

Looks like Baker and Hendry are at odds. No big surprise here, I suppose. Incidentally, that was a first-pitch bunt, and obviously the Giants read Corey like a book.
Today's Starting Pitchers
Glendon Rusch
G. Rusch
vs. Brett Tomko
B. Tomko
6-8 W-L 7-14
4.67 ERA 4.71
95 SO 91
48 BB 51
11 HR 19

Tomko is kind of a poor man's Rusch, which is kinda scary. Their stats and careers mirror each other's. Tomko has a better record, reflecting the better teams he's pitched for. Their numbers are almost identical this season. Tomko pitched pretty well against the Cubs at Wrigley Field, but got no decision in a game the Cubs eventually won. Rusch's only appearance against SF this year was in relief the day before that.

Of that meager statistical comparison, today's matchup is made. Discuss amongst yourselves.