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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Cardinals, Thursday 9/15

Let me make this clear: it's likely the Cardinals will clinch the NL Central title sometime before Sunday, as their magic number is two.

I don't want them to do it by beating the Cubs. Let them back in with a Houston loss.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Mark Prior
M. Prior
vs. Jeff Suppan
J. Suppan
11-5 W-L 14-10
3.64 ERA 3.69
167 SO 94
50 BB 58
23 HR 22

These two pitchers matched up ten days ago in St. Louis -- that was the only game the Cardinals won in the series. Neither pitcher was involved in the decision. This is Prior's 25th start of the year, and had he not been hurt by that freak line drive that hit him in the elbow, he'd have missed exactly one start all season.

The Cubs are 8-4 against the Cardinals this season. That is St. Louis' worst record against anyone in baseball this year.

We don't have a lot of things to crow about, but defeating the team with the best record in baseball decisively, especially when it's the Cardinals, is something special.

Finally, and particularly for those of you who are fans of Chicago sports other than baseball, please welcome the SB Nation's first non-baseball pro sports site, Blog-A-Bull, about all things Chicago Bulls.

Discuss amongst yourselves.