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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Pirates, Friday 9/2

It's September... a month that's produced much excitement for the Cubs the last two seasons, but now, is just a play-out-the-string session.

I spent the morning with my daughter Rachel's school class as "parent chaperon" on a field trip to BodyWorlds, a fascinating exhibit on the human body, which if you haven't seen it in Chicago, it's too late -- it closes here on Monday and is sold out. It opens October 7 in Philadelphia, and if you are there, going to be there, or are anywhere near Philly, don't miss this. Will write more about it in tonight's game wrap.

As I mentioned here a while back, Rachel is celebrating her Bat Mitzvah this weekend. Thus, I will be a bit scarce here, and will catch today's and tomorrow's games only by highlights. Jeff & Krista are going to PNC Park; I'll see if I can get them to file a report on their trip, and if any of the rest of you are going, please post a diary on your visit to Pittsburgh.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Greg Maddux
G. Maddux
vs. Josh Fogg
J. Fogg
10-11 W-L 6-9
4.43 ERA 4.90
106 SO 75
30 BB 48
24 HR 24

The math is simple: Maddux has six starts left. He must win five of them to keep his 15-victory-season streak intact. He threw great in his last start, but the Cubs couldn't score.

Fogg has never pitched well against the Cubs. Ever. He did manage to give up only two runs (on ten hits) in six innings at PNC in May, but the Cubs won that game anyway 4-3.

Yes, I know saying this is usually the kiss of death, but not this time. The Cubs are 8-3 vs. the Pirates so far this year (3-1 at PNC), and this is one series in which they ought to do well. Hope to see lots of Matt Murton and Ronny Cedeno.

Other callups will include Rich Hill, Sergio Mitre and catching prospect Geovany Soto.

Discuss amongst yourselves.