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Bleacher Reconstruction Update - January 12

Since I was going to drop off my season ticket invoice today (they're due on Monday), and it's an absolutely gorgeous day out (sunny and 55 degrees, probably way nicer than it will be on Opening Day), I thought it would be a good day to take some new pictures.

There was a lot of activity today, and some new structures you'll see inside -- more workers than I'd seen on any other day, and a crane at work on Waveland.

The timeline page has also been updated.

Top: Rear view showing the two towers filled with concrete; looking west on Waveland showing a new structure behind CF on the lower level; behind right field; behind right field, just south of the previous photo

Middle: Underneath the RF corner; view from across Sheffield showing the entire RF structure; walkway now complete all the way to the corner of Sheffield & Waveland; work being done near LF ramp

Bottom: New LF bleacher structure; view from across Waveland showing crane which was lowering steel into place; view looking east on Waveland

Photos by Al