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Bleacher Reconstruction Update - January 14

While the rest of us were downtown at the Cubs Convention, David, who was unable to attend, stopped by Wrigley Field for some further construction updates. They've made considerable progress even since I was there on Thursday; David wanted to point out in particular the new walkway, being installed along the top of the new ironwork (nearly finished through CF area).

The timeline page has also been updated.

Top: Left field; Center field, new restaurant area, with no major work being done yet (as I learned at the convention, this work may not happen at all); Bleacher entrance area; Right field

Middle: Cranes lifting new speaker poles into place, RF; more work in RF corner area with "knothole" visible; Bleacher entrance area; view looking east on Waveland

Bottom: Extreme RF corner with view under terrace seats; underneath RF bleacher seats (in corner, area next to view in previous photo)

Photos by David Sameshima