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Tempest, Meet Teapot

Despite the efforts of some to make it seem as if there's trouble between Mark Prior and the Cubs due to the Prior-for-Tejada trade rumors, Prior himself says it's no big deal, from today's Sun-Times:

"From everything I heard, they weren't necessarily dangling me out there and trying to so-called 'get rid of me,'" Prior said. "I can see it from Baltimore's standpoint. Their player wants to be traded, and they need pitching.

"Jim wants a shortstop, so it would make sense. [The Orioles] aren't going to want guys in A-ball and Double-A. They want guys ready to pitch. If they are going to request me, and if it's an honest negotiation, that's part of the business.

"Now, if they are just trying to trade me, then I would hope somebody would be honest and tell me that. But I don't think that's the case. Fortunately, it wasn't something that was too serious. It was Rumorville. I have never been [ticked] off or anything. If anything was going to be done, I felt somebody would have called and said something."

Rumorville is right. Trying to stir up controversy where there isn't any.

Why didn't Jim Hendry talk to Prior? Because there was no reason to.

When there's news, we'll talk about it. This wasn't news.

Incidentally, this article says Prior received "the longest and loudest ovation" at the opening ceremony. While it surely was long and loud, the one for Carlos Zambrano was longer and louder.

Off to the convention -- I'll take your questions with me.