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Community Projection - Juan Pierre

What's that Marlins guy doing on BCB?

Well, it's because there aren't yet any game-action photos of Juan Pierre in a Cub uniform. Anyone want to try to Photoshop him into a Cub uniform, be my guest!

UPDATE [2006-1-16 17:00:46 by Al]: BCB reader Molechaser took me up on this offer -- his work is the photo on the right!

This sort of thing -- bat moving quickly, perhaps a line-drive single -- is something we hope to see often in 2006.

I'm going to try one of these and see how it goes; some of my SB Nation colleagues including John Sickels at his Minor League Ball site and most recently, Scott at Camden Chat have asked readers to submit their projections on what various players will do in an upcoming season; we'll add them all up and come up with a "community consensus" on what that player might accomplish.

Let's start with Juan Pierre; post your thoughts on his totals in the following categories:

Hits, runs, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, SB, CS, AVG, OBA, SLG

UPDATE [2006-1-18 13:04:03 by Al]:

Moved from the comments, here is the final group projection for Pierre:

Hits - 197
Runs - 103
2B - 24
3B - 8
HR - 3
RBI - 44
SB - 50
CS - 16
SB% - 74.6%
AVG - .303
OBP -.357
SLG - .381

Now, head on over to the Jacque Jones post and post your thoughts.