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Plugs For The SB Nation

John Sickels has a discussion thread on the NL Central up today over at Minor League Ball.

At Beyond the Boxscore, Marc Normandin has a very stat-heavy look at what he calls the Ray Lankford Wing of the Hall of Fame -- basically, what he describes as "is a place for the 'no real shot at the Hall of Fame, but a great career nonetheless' players, like Lankford." There are a number of recent Cubs in his "wing", including Ron Santo, Mark Grace and Rick Reuschel.

South Side Sox reports on a rumor that the White Sox were going to pounce into the Tejada deal if Mark Prior had been dealt to the Orioles -- which we have been told wasn't going to happen anyway, but it had to do with the Sox' interest in acquiring Prior:

The Boston Globe reported Sunday the White Sox were in on the Miguel Tejada talks with Baltimore. If the Cubs would have traded Prior to the Orioles for the star shortstop, the Sox would have been interested in making a deal with Baltimore for Prior.

And checking that Boston Globe article, we find:

Would you believe that the White Sox were hovering on the fringes of the Tejada trade talks, not because of any interest in Tejada but in the hopes that if the Orioles peddled him to the Chicago Cubs for ace Mark Prior, they would have been willing to flip Prior to the crosstown White Sox in a package?

All moot now, of course. But isn't this sort of thing what the Hot Stove League is all about?