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Bleacher Reconstruction Update - January 20

Thursday afternoon was yet another one of those January days that was nicer than it'll likely be on Opening Day -- 55 degrees and hazy sun. Thus, it was a good day to stop by the ballpark and snap some more photos.

You'll see one significant change -- the beginnings of the new brick wall, going up on the Sheffield side. Note in the closeup photo, the bricks being used are all clearly NEW bricks.

The timeline has also been updated.

Top: Behind the "knothole" in rf; underneath right-center field, showing workmen at work; more workmen, location immediately north of previous photo; corner of Waveland & Sheffield view looking toward LF

Middle: beginnings of brick wall on Sheffield side; closer view of brick wall; behind CF view looking in from what will be the new entranceway; left-center field underneath what will be the restaurant

Bottom: view back towards right-center from Waveland; concrete being set in seating area with view of walkway above; finished concrete seating area in LF corner

Photos by Al, taken Thursday, January 19