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Bleacher Reconstruction Update - January 2

Just to show you how we bleacher denizens are on the same wavelength, I had e-mailed David yesterday evening asking him if he could stop by the ballpark and take photos today.

Unbeknownst to me, he had already done so, yesterday afternoon; these photos were taken, then, Sunday afternoon, January 1.

David says, and you'll see, that most of the work is being done in LF at this time (the Waveland side).

Top: Left field, from across Waveland Ave.; Left field, looking west; Left field, tighter shot of the area shown in previous photo; Left field, looking east

Bottom: Left field, looking east from the construction gate; Center field, hitting background area still awaiting construction work; Bleacher entrance area -- in this photo you can see how much larger the new entrance area will be; Right field, looking south.

Photos by David Sameshima