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Bleacher Reconstruction Update - January 23

David slogged through the snow -- OK, so it's not really slogging when it's not snowing and 38 degrees -- to take these photos on Sunday afternoon.

I was going to take a photo myself later this week of the pile of bricks near the old car wash on Waveland, but David beat me to it.

The closeup photos of the brick wall should answer some of the questions some of you asked regarding the makeup of the exterior wall.

The timeline has also been updated.

Top: Closeup of a brick; bricks piled up behind CF; brick wall at corner of Sheffield & Waveland; immediately south of previous photo

Middle: Closeup of view in row above, last photo; bricks piled up at old car wash on Waveland; new bleachers in LF; construction office trailer, west side of ballpark (where the TV trucks park during the season)

Bottom: Crane lifting steel into place on Waveland; another view of work on Waveland

Photos by David Sameshima