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Miller Time!

As noted in the diaries, the Cubs signed Wade Miller today.

Terms: one year, $1 million, with another $1 million possible in incentives.

Many, many of you, myself included, were highly in favor of this move when Miller was non-tendered by the Red Sox last month.

This is a no-lose situation as the money is quite reasonable, and the upside is quite high -- there is at least a possibility that he could match his 2001 and 2002 seasons,which would make him a real steal.

This is one of the first times I can remember Jim Hendry doing something that has been discussed at length in the Cubs Blog Army. I'm not going to flatter myself that we had any influence on him, but I will at least say that I'm glad that we in the Cublogosphere and Hendry are on the same page.

Discuss amongst yourselves.