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Irresponsible Journalism

Check out this ridiculous claim from the Philadelphia Inquirer:

The Phillies have talked with free agent catcher Mike Piazza about a possible fit in Philadelphia, a source said, but it seems Piazza might have more realistic options with the San Diego Padres or Chicago Cubs.

What on EARTH would make this writer -- Todd Zolecki is his name -- think that the Cubs would have any interest, or place, for Mike Piazza?

The Cubs have two catchers already. We can debate over whether Michael Barrett is a good defensive catcher or a liability, but at this stage of their respective careers, he's probably a better offensive threat than Piazza. Piazza, at age 37, probably shouldn't catch more than 1/3 of the schedule, and thus isn't well suited to anywhere but an AL team. (I can't imagine why the Padres would want him either.)

Talk about idle speculation. Hey, in 1998, the Cubs could have really used Piazza. Eight years later, it's ridiculous to even think that.