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Community Projection: Matt Murton

So since you guys didn't seem too interested in projecting Wade Miller's 2006 season (and you can still scroll down and take a shot at it), how about Orange Guy?

I chose this photo, which is of Murton playing for Daytona after his acquisition in 2004, because of the number on his back... a number that isn't likely to be reissued by the Cubs for quite some time, I'm guessing.

Post your 2006 Murton projections in the comments. Let's use the following categories:

AB, R, H, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, BB, SO, AVG, OBA, SLG

UPDATE [2006-1-27 09:05:47 by Al]: Here's how we pick Murton:

AB-452 RUNS-66 H-129 2B-23 3B-2 HR-16 RBI-67 BB-54 SO-75 AVG.-.286 OBA.-.363 SLG.-.450