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Bleacher Reconstruction Update - January 26

Apparently, we have some new BCB readers -- some of the construction workers at the ballpark.

How do I know this? Because one of them spotted me, started yelling "Bleed Cubbie Blue!", and then reminded me of what some of you have already mentioned -- that is, that the wall they're putting up is block, not brick, and that the bricks will indeed go on the outside.

Hey, you guys -- you're doing great work, and I'm sure you appreciate today's terrific weather (47 degrees and sunny), too. Welcome to BCB!

The timeline has also been updated.

Top: Main entrance area; the beginnings of the restaurant area at CF; closer view of previous photo; nearly completed stands under LF

Middle: Construction under CF and view toward new stands being finished in RF; section of inner wall nearly complete on Sheffield (I think this is the guy who yelled "Bleed Cubbie Blue!" at me); RF walkway nearly finished; the "knothole"

Bottom: Underneath RF near my old section; another view of wall; closer view of previous photo

Photos by Al