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The Dog Days Of Winter

Ain't it the truth?

It's a week to the Super Bowl, and unless you're in Pittsburgh or Seattle, you probably haven't been subjected to a lot of the hype yet. And be glad for that, incidentally.

It's still a few weeks till pitchers and catchers report to spring training.

And the Cubs have made no further player moves since the Wade Miller signing.

Thus, I have only a few scraps to throw you this morning.

My SB Nation colleague Blez from Athletics Nation was quoted in the Chicago Tribune this morning in connection with the A's signing of Frank Thomas.

For Thomas' part, he once again proved his jerkiness by taking one last shot at White Sox management. Wonder how long it'll take for Billy Beane to get tired of this sort of thing.

The SB Nation has also added a blog for those of you (and I know there are a LOT of you!) who are involved in fantasy sports. So, go check out Fake Teams. Right now, it appears most of it concerns the NBA, but I imagine there will be baseball stuff posted there very, very soon.

And, Basil at Federal Baseball has some info on the Sammy Sosa dance with the Nats, while Rick Morrissey in the Tribune reminds us that Sosa has turned back into Selfish Sammy, the guy we used to know before the magical summer of 1998.

How the mighty have indeed fallen.