Why Gaius Marius should be fired

Since Gaius feels a spiritual responsibility to criticize the Cubs, and publically call Hendry names and suggest he be fired, I think I should hold Gaius to the same standar

I think Gaius should be fired as a Cubs fan and BCB poster. I'm not saying he should be silenced or his free speech revoked, just fired.

These are my reasons:

  1. The Cubs don't make him happy. That should be enough right there. He said that even in the near-magical 2003 season, with Dusty sprinkling that substance (which i hypothesize was bobby bonds ashes, incidentally) on the mound and everything, he was only happy for about 10 days.
  2. Not only does he criticize how others choose to be fans, he feels it is his David Koresh-ian responsibility to do so. Thats kind of thinking is scary to me, in a clocktower and list of names kind of way.
  3. He calls the GM of the Cubs, a seemingly genuine and nice person, names based on his weight.
  4. He looks for the bad in every decision the Cubs make, looks for the worst in every Cubs player, and refuses to have any hope.
  5. He feels like his views on the Cubs are more important, relelvent, and educated than other Cubs views.
  6. He started his own website to complain about the Cubs, and since not many people had an interest in hearing him, he comes to another, more well-done website to try to spread his misanthropic pessismism.
  7. He is trying to drum up a ground-swelling of support for his destructive plan to improve the team by boycotting games in masse in order to make the team lose money and those sell the team to a new owner who will spend more money on what has become a losing, unpopular franchise. Then, this new owner, despite the fact that nobody has come to games because Gaius, lord of the Cubs underworld, told them to, will open up his checkbook for a 150 million dollar payroll anchored by Kevin Millwood and his 5 year, 60 million dollar contract.
I could come up with more, but I'll leave it at that.

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