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Community Projection: Carlos Zambrano

It's February!

And that means, THIS month, at last, pitchers and catchers will report to training camps for the 2006 season; for the Cubs, it'll be two weeks from today.

Good thing, too, because today there is absolutely no new baseball news worth talking about, unless you consider 40-year-old Ruben Sierra signing with the Twins worth talking about.

Yeah, I didn't think you did, either.

With that in mind, how about a projection for Z?


Categories: G, IP, H, BB, SO, W, L, ERA (I'm assuming that Z will not make any relief appearances, thus you can assume G = GS.)

UPDATE [2006-2-2 19:20:42 by Al]: Moved from the comments, here is our projection for Z: G-32; IP-219; H-165; BB-81; SO-201; W-18; L-6; ERA-2.78; WHIP-1.12