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Jody Davis, Manager?

Davis pretty much left baseball and didn't look back, heading home to Georgia to become a hunter and high school coach.

He managed the Calgary Outlaws in 2003; that's a team in the then-independent Canadian Baseball League.

All of this apparently qualifies him to become a first-time manager in the Cubs' system; he'll manage at Peoria in 2006.

Here are all the 2006 minor league staff assignments, from the above-linked article:

Triple-A Iowa: Manager Mike Quade, pitching coach Alan Dunn, hitting coach Von Joshua, athletic trainer Bob Grimes.

Double-A West Tenn: Manager Bobby Dickerson, pitching coach Mike Anderson, hitting coach Tom Beyers, athletic trainer Matt Johnson.

Class A Daytona: Manager Pat Listach, pitching coach Tom Pratt, hitting coach Richie Zisk, athletic trainer Steve Melendez.

Class A Peoria: Manager Jody Davis, pitching coach Rich Bombard, hitting coach Barbaro Garbey, athletic trainer Nick Frangella.

Class A Boise: Manager Steve McFarland, pitching coach David Rosario, hitting coach Ricardo Medina.

Mesa Rookie: Manager Don Buford, pitching coach Rick Tronerud, hitting coach Carmelo Martinez, athletic trainer Justin Sharpe.

Dominican Rookie: Manager Franklin Font, pitching coach Leo Hernandez, hitting coach Ramon Caraballo, athletic trainer Robert Jimenez.