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Since We're Sick Of Tejada...

... how about your Daily Dose Of Corey Patterson Rumors?

In addition to the "almost completed" deal with the Orioles, this article says the Red Sox are still interested in him, and then there's the usual tinfoil hat Phil Rogers stuff:

Alfonso Soriano is another trade possibility if the Cubs can't land Tejada, but Washington wants pitching in return. Nationals manager Frank Robinson is a Corey Patterson backer, but Hendry will have to get real creative to obtain Soriano, whose value is hurt by his being eligible for free agency after 2006.

This paragraph comes just after Rogers again says that the Cubs could have Tejada if Jim Hendry is willing to give up Mark Prior or Carlos Zambrano, and he adds:

and he would be nuts to deal Prior

Waidaminit. Hendry would be nuts to deal Prior, but not nuts to deal Z? Rogers is the one who's nuts.

About Soriano: I suspect this one's been brought up again because of the persistent rumors that Todd Walker will be traded somewhere. I don't really want Soriano, but I suppose he'd be a better option at 2B than having 550 AB of Neifi! there. If Soriano could be had for Patterson and a mid-level pitching prospect, I'd do it.

Finally, Rogers writes:

The bet here is that no one will be voted into the Hall of Fame in 2006, with results to be announced Tuesday. It would be nice to be wrong.

I'd take that bet. I can't imagine the writers want the embarrassment of a Hall of Fame weekend with no player inductees. I won't take any bets on WHO will make it, only that there will be at least one who will make the cut.

UPDATE [2006-1-7 15:03:34 by Al]:

Our favorite site says that there are now four teams interested in Patterson, via ESPN 1000's Bruce Levine: the Orioles, Rangers, Mariners and Nationals.