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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Rockies, Sunday 10/1, 1:20 CT

I'm giving Mike the last word on this season, and he emailed me an appropriate epitaph on 2006:

Always some sadness in the end of the year, but I badly need this season to be over. It's time.
Today's Starting Pitchers
Wade Miller
W. Miller
vs. Ubaldo Jimenez
U. Jimenez
0-2 W-L 0-0
3.57 ERA 0.00
16 SO 0
15 BB 0
3 HR 0
vs. Col -- vs. Cubs
If Miller wins today, the vaunted trio of Wood/Prior/Miller, who were supposed to be the saviors of the pitching staff and the ballclub, would have exactly one win each in 2006. That would somehow seem quite fitting.

Those numbers are right for Jimenez -- he has made one relief appearance, allowing two hits and no runs. Believe it or not, he is NOT the first major league player named "Ubaldo". Here's the other one. He is the second Jimenez to play for the Rockies. The other one once threw a no-hitter, in a year he went 5-14 with a 5.85 ERA.

The Rockies' Vinny Castilla, perhaps the most popular player in the history of that franchise, retires after today's game to take a job in the Rockies' organization. Look for him to start this game.

Forty-six years ago today, Billy Williams hit his first career home run, off Stan Williams of the Dodgers at the LA Memorial Coliseum (yes, the Dodgers did play there from 1958-1961).

What does that all mean? Nothing. Just miscellaneous stuff to amuse as the season fades away. Cubs Gameday

Discuss amongst yourselves.